#MyStory: How I am fighting with Endometriosis

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As we can see now women are struggling in their personal and professional life regarding issues related to health, mental sickness, harassment, molestation etc. We try our best to eradicate the social taboos and bust the myths which society believes and force women to follow. To help women to get out of these difficulties we have come with INFANO, where our main goal is to help women to break the shackles of the society and come out brave and empowered.


3 thoughts on “#MyStory: How I am fighting with Endometriosis”

  1. Kudos to the strength and Fighting spirit you possess Soumya, I always know you as someone carrying a smile on the face without caring about having things as big as the Galaxy inside your heart.


  2. That’s our Girl 🙂 Always high spirited and The strongest 😘 you don’t have any idea that how much you inspire all of us.. Keep inspiring Keep Smiling .. 🙂


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