Empowered & Thriving: A Holistic Work-Life Balance Program for Corporate Women

Empower women to achieve work-life Integration, reduce corporate pressure, and experience increased happiness and well-being

Starting on July 27th 2024
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Expert-Led GuidanceSupportive EnvironmentPersonalized tools
Designed by the team of experts:

Psychologists | Gynaecologist | Clinical nutritionist | SWAR Yoga Expert

We do not share your data to 3rd persons

Some Facts

Revealing Truths: Statistics Exposing Women's Challenges with work-life balance

9 out of 10

Women experience mental health issues due to poor work-life balance, experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety, or burnout


of workers have taken time off due to burnout, stress, or mental health difficulties


of women experiencing physical health problems due to stress


minuites of session designed by 4 experts


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound goals

Your gateway to well-being

About the Program

This program offers expert guidance, practical tools, and a supportive community, the program will empower women to navigate corporate pressure and achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life

  • Interactive group sessions led by experts
  • Empowering Activities & Interactive Workshops
  • Individual consultations with experts
  • Actionable Tools, Resources & Community Connection

A perfect holistic start

This program is designed for

Working Mothers

Juggling childcare, work, and personal needs creates unique pressure on work-life balance

New Managers

Women navigating increased workload and leadership responsibilities

Creative Professionals

Artists, designers, writers, musicians, social media managers experience periods of high stress and tight deadlines

A perfect holistic start

This program is designed by


Prerna Pant

Gut Health Specialist

Expertise and passion for helping others achieve optimal health


Anmol Dauneria


Deals in chronic illness with 100% results that too without medicines


Jasika Makhija

Clinical Nutritionist

Expertise of 4+ years in the field of nutrition

How it works?

What impact the program will bring on you

This program is incorporated with a experience and knowledge to create a fulfilling career, a vibrant personal life, and a newfound sense of peace

Reduced Stress & Improved Mental Wellbeing

Increased stamina and motivation to tackle daily tasks

Control of your time and finding personal fulfillment

Increased Confidence & Assertiveness to have healthy work-life balance

Improved confidence, body positivity, sleep quality and energy levels

I like it. Let's start!

Starting on July 27th 2024

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We do not share your data to 3rd persons
Convenient schedule

This program schedule

This program is incorporated with a experience and knowledge essential for unleashing Sustainable wellbeing 8 unique sessions online | 4 domain Experts | Weekly assignment

Building Resilience, Managing Stress and Navigating Corporate Pressure

90 mins

Starting on July 27th 2024

  • Building Your Wellness Tribe
  • Goal Setting Workshop: S.M.A.R.T Sheet
  • Techniques for stress management
  • Importance of healthy sleep and sleep hygiene practices
  • Building emotional resilience


Identifying personal triggers for stress and negative self-talk, Developing assertive communication skills for managing expectations


A personalized S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goal for Stress management, Diet and overall wellness

Jasika Makhija

Invest in Your Health

The Price Equivalent to a Restaurant Dinner Experience

Program Cost


  • A holistic approach to wellness
  • Personalized guidance and support
  • Participate in interactive group sessions
  • Downloadable stress management toolkit with guided meditations

Program Cost & Subscription


  • Every thing from the program
  • One consultation with the desired expert
  • Free Access to the 2 Live webinars
  • Special offers on select specialized holistic programs
  • Access to private events
  • Expert Digest

Our goal

Transforming women's lives with holistic wellness:gut health, weight management, and hormonal balance empowerment .


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of experts will I be working with?-

You'll have access to a panel of qualified experts, including psychologists, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and career coaches, depending on your specific needs .

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What if I miss a session?+

Do I need any prior experience to participate?+

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