Accepting and Addressing your Anxiety

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Dr. Krashnika Bansal

Date 10/10/2021
Time 12:30 pm
Duration of the program 1 Hour
Registration Fees Rs 250 /-

About the Masterclass

Do you feel on the edge?

Do you overthink every situation?

Do you think you have anxiety but are unable to understand it?

With the changing times, mental health has become equally important as physical health. But it is still considered a taboo to visit a mental health therapist. Therapy is not limited to treatment of mental illnesses but also addresses issues like anxiety, depression, phobias etc.

Let’s take one step at a time and understand Anxiety – What , Why, When, How, and Ways to overcome it in our everyday lives.

Consider this session as a starting point in your journey towards an anxiety-free life and a safe space to address social anxiety, relationship anxiety and overthinking.

Program Highlights

  • Highlight 1

    Addressing Social Anxiety

    With the increase in the usage of digital platforms, where reel seems real, people tend to get intimidated and suffer from anxiety.

  • Highlight 2

    Relationship Anxiety

    Every relationship in life has its ups and downs, but what’s important is to work on the problems and let it not be a cause of our anxiety

  • Highlight 3


    We need to understand that we are not alone in this and it is okay to overthink and feel anxious, but we should accept this and know that we can overcome this.

Who is this class for?

Anyone with self doubt or needing help with anxiety issues
People of all genders. Anxiety does not differentiate between genders
People of all age groups. Anxiety can affect at any stage of your life

How does this class work?

Register using your email address

Make the payment

Login using the link emailed to you


Is the class going to solve my anxiety issue?

This class will definitely help you understand your anxiety, the cause of it and how to deal with it in a better way. This can act as a foundation towards solving your problem

I am not even sure what I am feeling is anxiety or is it a feeling that everyone normally feels. Should I attend the class?

Yes, you should attend the class so that you can acknowledge two facts -
1. You are not alone and
2. Even if it is anxiety it is completely okay to feel the way you are feeling

I know someone with anxiety issues, but they do not admit to it. Will this class help me with them?

Yes, you can understand the checkpoints and that will help you explain to them better. The approach of the class will be such that it will be beneficial for you, even if you are not suffering from anxiety yourself.