About Infano

Infano is a period, ovulation, pregnancy tracker, and health app that helps women stay up to date with their menstrual cycle. Period tracking can be such a hassle - it's easy to lose track of your cycle, forget what's going on in your body, and make mistakes because you don't know the first thing about menstruation.
Infano App is developed by a team of healthcare experts who want to help people find healthier lives. The app is designed for those who are interested in bettering their menstrual health but don’t know where to start. It helps you track your periods and ovulation, calculate your fertile window, and give you personalized insights about your reproductive health.

While we are often clueless and at crossroads on whom to approach with our queries and question on various aspects of our life, we often turn to search engines to find answers- answers we hesitate to ask others maybe because of certain inhibitions, or answers we seek from experts who we are unable to access easily. Infano brings to you an easy app to get guidance on various topics right from health to career to lifestyle, along with easy period tracking.

What is Infano?

Infano is a platform that aims to impact every facet of a woman's life - health, career, motherhood, lifestyle, and much more. It was created keeping in mind the knowledge seeking woman who finds it difficult to get guidance and advice or affirm her ideas.

This is where Infano comes in as a social platform with relevant content, videos and opinions, thought-provoking news providing a strong and safe community for women to share their experiences, get questions answered from experts and provide a helping hand to each other.

From its inception, Infano has succeeded in creating awareness and providing information on various topics related to women and has carved a niche readership who eagerly look out for our content.

About the App

Infano App aims to bring all the above at the click of a button on your mobile phone. The application, an extension of our social media presence, is a customized wholesome solution for women intended to be the go-to platform for support regarding their Health, Career and Lifestyle.

With its primary vision to serve as a personalized tracker and guide for a woman’s menstrual, pregnancy and parenting journey, the app also brings commonly searched queries and women related issues to the forefront by providing solution based content.

Infano focuses on how important it is to know and manage your menstrual cycle with features like personalized reminders on your next period, ovulation, chances of pregnancy on a particular day of your cycle, accurate cycle predictions and so on.

Instead of relying on pregnancy related information from relatives and friends (most of which is unverified and varies largely from person to person), Infano becomes your partner in your pregnancy journey. It provides weekly updates about the baby, the changes you are likely to experience based on the stage of pregnancy, baby’s growth, warning signs to look for, information on doctor visits, tests, etc.

What makes it different from the others?

While most period tracking apps are only related to the menstrual journey, Infano here goes a step forward by providing information and answering queries related to different stages of a woman’s life.

Infano provides a safe community for women to openly share their thoughts and experiences. You can post any content and discuss problems with other women, influencers or a team of Infano Experts.

Infano has blogs and news content related to happenings from around the world, information on health and lifestyle, opinions and views of professional content writers from Infano’s team and also verified blogs from guest authors.

Ask an expert
Our team of experts helps you to connect with and start a private one-on-one conversation with questions about health, lifestyle and career etc. and get solutions from the experts of the industry.

Why is our mobile health app better?

Infano is a mobile health app that supports women and their menstrual and/or pregnancy journey. It is an easy to use and safe way to learn about periods, health issues, pregnancy and stay engaged with healthcare experts. The app gives you information not only about menstruation and pregnancy but also general health issues like PCOS, infertility, sexual health, mental health and also parenting and lifestyle topics.

How does the App work?

The Infano App is an app for females who are either menstruating or are planning a pregnancy. The Infano app is available for download from the Google Play Store. With an easy and secure sign up and login process, our app hides your data from prying eyes and ensures that you get all the information you need. With Infano, all you have to do is enter your first day of your last period and the app will automatically calculate the rest of your cycles for you!

This app provides a private space for women to document their menstrual cycles and what they are going through. There are also features that allow you to interact with other users, join communities, ask queries to health experts and share your feelings, thoughts with like-minded women in the Infano community.

Mission and vision

Infano is a free, anonymous and confidential app for everyone. It is designed to provide real-time emotional support to those who need it the most: teens, adults or parents. It’s the only medical app designed exclusively for women with a focus on emotional health and wellness. Infano will help you find your perfect birth control, manage symptoms like cramps and bloating, track your cycle and symptoms, and make it easier to talk about these topics with your doctor.